Deep Creek Hydro

Deep Creek Hydro

Deep Creek Hydro | Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners

Deep Creek Hydro is a two unit, 20 MW hydroelectric generation station located in Garrett Country, Maryland.

Deep Creek Hydro was built in 1925. The reservoir was created by capturing the water in the existing creek, creating Deep Creek Lake. Aside from generating electricity, Deep Creek Hydro also allows for lake level management, fisheries support and white water recreation. Current lake and station status are available below.

Lake Level

Current Lake Level displays a real-time reading from a sensor located within the intake tower of Deep Creek Hydro. The sensor is accurate to within about four hundredths of a foot (0.04) under normal circumstances. Strong winds blowing towards or away from the intake structure can impact the readings, as can strong wave action on the reservoir. "N/A" will be displayed if the signal to the station is lost.

Generator Status
Generator Status displays the real-time status of the generators and provides valuable information to downstream water users. When the status is "ON", the generators at Deep Creek Hydro are running and discharging water into the Youghiogheny River. When the status reads "OFF", the generators are not running. "N/A" will be displayed if the signal to the station is lost. This information may be helpful when planning your recreational activities.

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