Public Safety

Public Safety

Brookfield harnesses the natural forces of wind and water to provide a safe and sustainable source of electricity. The same rivers that provide clean, renewable hydropower are also enjoyed year-round by individuals and families for recreation. We urge everyone to share the rivers safely. 

Wear it!
Brookfield works with local communities, outfitters, and associations including the National Safe Boating Council Wear It! campaign, to encourage the use of life jackets and communicate other important river use information, through advertisements, events, and
community meetings.

Brookfield’s collaboration with national and local water safety initiatives was recognized in 2011 with an Outstanding Stewards of America’s Water Public Education and Outreach Award from the National Hydropower Association.

Flow Information
Brookfield uses Flow Information to provide up to date river and release information at many of its facilities. Waterline is a national electronic publication that provides river flow forecasts and water level reports over the telephone and on the Web. Waterline flow forecasts are provided by the controllers of the sites being forecast and are updated in real time. These forecasts are published simultaneously on the telephone hotline and Waterline’s Web site. Most river level readings are taken from river gauges that report over the NOAA’s GOES satellite system. These readings are taken directly from the satellite feed and are usually available on the hotline within two minutes from the time they are transmitted from the gauge. Visit Waterline at:  The Brookfield Smoky Hydropower assets, Deep Creek river in Maryland and La Lièvre in québec maintain their own websites with flow information. 

Brookfield works with the Maine Inland Fish & Wildlife Department and the Maine Warden Service to develop and air public safety messages.  Please visit the Warden Service website for more information. 
Brookfield sponsors professional angler Joe Thomas Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors on the Outdoor channel to promote Wear It! and life jacket use, especially on waters dear hydropower facilities