Brookfield is one of the largest independent energy producers in Latin America. A significant investor in Brazil for 110 years, Brookfield stands out as an important energy producer via Small Hydro Power Plants (SHPPs), with 35 hydropower facilities in operation with an installed capacity of 670 MW.

Brookfield started to operate hydropower facilities in Brazil in 2003 with the inauguration of SHPPs Pedrinho and Salto Natal, located in the state of Paraná, and Passo do Meio, in Rio Grande do Sul. Since then, the company has extended its operations in the Midwest, South and Southern states and has a team of over 300 qualified professionals dedicated to the Brazilian energy market.

Brookfield has an additional 150 MW of development projects in its pipeline planned for the next five years.

Carbon credits
Small hydro projects in Brazil qualify under the Kyoto Protocol to receive carbon credits that may be used for compliance with GHG emission regulations in industrialized countries that have implemented the treaty. Brookfield was the first company to sell its carbon credits from small hydro facilities in the country.

Areas of operation:

South Region
  • 10 hydroelectric generating stations on 6 river systems with a total installed capacity of 203 MW, producing on average 828 GWh of electricity annually.
Southeast Region
  • 17 hydroelectric generating stations on 10 river systems with a total installed capacity of 191 MW, producing on average 970 GWh of electricity annually.
Midwest Region
  • 8 hydroelectric generating stations on 7 river systems with a total installed capacity of 276 MW, producing on average 1,764 GWh of electricity annually.

Local Contact

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Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
CEP 22640-102
Tel + 55 21 2439-5150