Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

The Social and Environmental Committee is pleased to announce the projects that will receive Brookfield’s sponsorship in Brazil in 2012 and 2013. These projects have been selected according to specific guidelines that were announced earlier this year.

Projeto Bolsas Ecológicas (Eco Bag Project)
Location: Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais
Institution: Centro de Apoio à Família (Family Support Center)
Description: This project was created to foster the entrepreneurial skills of 60 families supported by the Family Center. Besides learning how to produce and sell eco bags, they also receive environmental education. The project is a result of the demand for this type of product in the region since Manhuaçu encourages the use of reusable bags in markets. 

Projeto Comunidade Terapêutica Renascer 
Location: Bom Jesus, Rio Grande do Sul
Institution: Comunidade Terapêutica Renascer (Renascer Therapeutic Community) 
Description: The center focuses on people with substance abuse who are trying to find ways to overcome these issues and claim their lives back. Brookfield’s sponsorship will improve the center’s infrastructure, increasing the center’s ability to receive more people.

Brookfield thanks those who applied for the sponsorship and congratulates the two chosen projects.


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